What We Love About the Broadway Musical the Lion King

Ever since its 1997 debut on a Broadway stage, the musical Lion King has been raking in various Tony Awards. And there seems to be a reason for this. A stellar combination of the actors’ passion, costuming, an epic storyline, and music, all create an unbeatable live-action performance. The musical, the Lion King is presently showing in the Minskoff Theatre on New York city’s Broadway. But, this is a Broadway show that has been able to amass several viewers on Time Square as it is presented with impressive and stunning visuals. For years, Julie Taymor, the director of the show have been able to steer the show in the right direction.

The musical, the Lion King is on tour in North America. The reason for our love for the show is shared in this article. Who knows, maybe after reading this content and knowing more about the mistake cal from Disney, you will have the inspiration to look for show tickets showing in locations near you.


When it first debuted in 1994, the Lion King has an incredible opening scene. The African Savannah absorbs the smiling sunrise as exotic animals stride along with the pride land with a backdrop of the rising Sun. This scene is nothing short of mesmerising. The circle of life had all animals queuing up and on their way to catch a glimpse of the baby cub. The circle of life scene with the backdrop of the sunrise is a historical moment for Disney movies as both Disney nerds and fans relish the experience. Now, picture yourself living within the Savannah scene with snow-white cranes, mighty elephants, elegant giraffes, strong wildebeests, and several many animals in the Savanna making their way past you to see the future king at the Pride rock.

Picture all of this happening right inside the event centre – the Minskoff Theatre located on 45th Street. This is a personal and close moment in Broadway that will always stand out among theatregoers. Make sure to get a ticket for the show as it is not to be missed.

A brilliant team of cast members

Watching an actress or an actor make a seamless transformation into a role will always stand out in live theatre. Witnessing stage actors temporarily transform everyone in the theatre from their present lives into a stage story is remarkably incredible. As with everything with them, Disney had presented an expert casting with the Broadway show. They have consistently exceeded the expectations of guests by bringing in excellent cast members that represent the film’s likenesses of popular characters like King Mufasa, Timon, Nala, Pumbaa, Scar, Sarabi, Simba, and different other important roles. Moreover, the vocals of the stellar cast members of the Lion King work to produce a surreal feeling.

Incredible costumes

The musical, the Lion King comes highly recommended for theatregoers in New York City who are not yet fans of Disney. The show awaits them with stunning visuals and incredible costumes. The Lion King was one of the earliest shows on Disney Broadway that impressed guests with excellent and innovative costumes. This is the truth. How actors transform on stage into animals is simply awe-inspiring. From the mesmerising baby elephant to the gorgeous cheetah, as well as the intense attention with which we can see the Pride Rock lionesses hunt for food, the costumes are utilised to tell an interesting story. Before this performance, I would have never been able to understand the way costume combines with a play to immerse the viewers in the show.

But, viewing the impactful scenes, emotional moments, and funny scenes in the live play pictures how viewers can be attracted to a show through the mere use of stunning costumes only. Still don’t get it? You need to watch the part of the crying lionesses at the death of King Mufasa by Scar. There is no realer or more emotional image compared to the years falling down the eyes of the lionesses. The costume gives the stage show a huge impact and make it stand out to guests.

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