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Lion King Musical

The Lion King Musical Embarks on Worldwide Tour in 2018

The hit musical The Lion King, based on the Disney film of the same name, will be setting out for an international tour beginning in March of 2018. The Lion King will make its international debut in ... Read More

King Lion on Road

The Lion King Hits the Road in 2018

The musical is setting off for the first international tour in March 2018, in Manilla. The show will be performed in English.Not only the capital of Philippines is lucky to receive the musical. ... Read More

Lion King

The Top Ticket of All Time is The Lion King Musical

According to The Associated Press, the musical has earned unprecedented amount of money in media. The sum $6.2 billion worldwide is really staggering! No doubt, “The Lion King” has achieved the ... Read More

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Why “The Lion King” Musical is The Highest-Grossing Show Ever

“The Lion King” has made national headlines since its opening night in 1997. As a rule, the aspect of time is a prerequisite for a decline of any show. However, it is not the case. The performance ... Read More