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4 Differences Between “The Lion King” Movie and Broadway Musical

It does not matter whether it’s the animation, musical or the live-action movie, one thing’s clear – The Lion King is one of the most heartwarming and captivating narratives. There’s something ... Read More

Lion King anniversary

The Lion King Turns 22 Years on Broadway

Believe it or not, Simba has been prowling the PrideLands for over 2 decades. On November 13 at the Minskoff Theatre in New York, the award-winning musical – The Lion King – celebrated its 22nd ... Read More

A Heart Warming Financial Blockbuster

The Lion King is a sight for sour eyes, right? Whichever adaptation you experienced first, there’s no denying that the development of Simba, the tragic death of Mufasa, and the hysterics of Pumba are ... Read More

The Lion King

The Lion King’s ‘Nala’ – Roaring with Diversity and Success

We’ve all heard the inspiring tale of Simba and how he is destined to rule the Pride Lands. But as the saying goes, “behind every great man there’s a great woman.” In this case, the ‘great ... Read More

Lion King contest

Sing Along for Your Chance to Win Tickets to Disney’s ‘The Lion King’

Public service announcement to all Capella teams. The opportunity you've been waiting for is right in front of you.Win a chance to stay at the Citizen's Financial institution Opera Property, and be ... Read More