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Bradley Gibson is The Lion King’s New Simba

There is a new heir to the coveted mantle of adult Simba in the long-running production of The Lion King – the 27-year-old Bradley Gibson. The Lion King is a Broadway classic that continues to spread ... Read More


A New Simba: Lion King Musical is Back in Las Vegas

And no, it is not for the slot machines or a game of black jack. The Smith Center for the performing arts will be converted into the Serengeti for Disney’s The Lion King musical as the show makes it ... Read More


Lindiwe Dlamini 20 Year Run on Broadway’s “The Lion King”

Lindiwe Dlamini could never have imagined this success when she tried out for The Lion King in Minneapolis in 1997. But 20 years later, she’s still wowing audiences and living out her dream. As only her ... Read More


The Top-Selling Musical of All-time

The Lion King musical is the all-time revenue king at the box office, with the show selling tickets over $6.2 billion worldwide, according to The Associated Press. Debuting in 1997, the show has ... Read More

Lion King Musical

The Lion King Musical Embarks on Worldwide Tour in 2018

The hit musical The Lion King, based on the Disney film of the same name, will be setting out for an international tour beginning in March of 2018. The Lion King will make its international debut in ... Read More