About us

The site has been created with an intent of informing people about the musical “Lion King”. In fact, this webpage is an online theatrical brochure which outlines the plot, cast and news. In addition, it is the place where you can choose the best option to buy the tickets for the show.

New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, Miami and many others of American cities receive the performance. Here, you can find information about the location of theatres, price of the tickets etc.

The national US tour is a great event for theatre-goers. There are lots of talks around the show and it is hard to differ verified information from rumors. However, here is the place where any piece of news concerning the performance is checked and true.

The creators of the site tried to take into account any feedback in order to create a solid source for fans of the musical. If any questions arise, feel free to Contact Us.

We do hope visitors of the site will find it useful and appealing.

Our Team

Mike Jacobs. Owner and Creator

Debbie J. McKnight. Copywriter